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CEO of rapidly growing organization engaged me to develop and grow a venture capital portfolio of emerging small businesses. Repeatedly selected to tactically executive and administer his vision, throughout a variety of initiatives and organizations. Led all strategic, operational, and business development planning, as well as new market identification. Managed CEO’s investment portfolio and charitable initiatives while continuing to execute concurrent responsibilities.

Created initial strategic plans along with tactical road maps, for each company. Collaborated with each entrepreneur to provide them the systems, training, tools and tactical support necessary to executive.

Modified plans, or created new plans, based off of market shifts, every six months. 

Results Included:

  • 88% success rate within the portfolio. Only one entity failed.

  • 11 years later, the remaining 7 entities are still operating and expanding.

  • 10.2X revenue growth for two of the entities, within the first 2.5 years. 

  • Submitted over $100-million in proposals for the entities, over 3 years. 

  • Expanded into 10 new markets including:

    • Facilities maintenance

    • Base operating support

    • Operations & maintenance

    • Design-build

    • Public works

    • Civil engineering

    • Construction - horizontal

    • Construction - renovation

    • Construction - vertical

    • Protective coatings

Created repeatable processes, based on this business model, and implemented those procedures to start and develop seven additional joint venture entities with many of the nation's largest organizations, including CH2M Hill, CSC (now PAE), and Wackenhut (now Centerra Group). 

All while executing executive duties as Senior Vice President.

Actions Included:

  • Designed annual marketing plans, websites, brochures, content, identified and scheduled conferences and trade shows, produced trade show booths, etc. Positioned companies for success. 

  • Teamed with Small Business Administration

  • Developed all partnering strategies. Analyzed and connected with a wide variety of teaming partners, including Fortune 100 companies. Initiated and reviewed all governing documents, identified and tracked opportunities, managed proposal calendars, and led proposal efforts.

  • Mentored entrepreneurs on growth, teaming, and networking strategies. 

  • Created annual budgets, forecasts and allocated resources accordingly. 

  • Communicated with all majority owners/entrepreneurs, teaming to develop individual strategic plans, and execution tactics. Authored status reports and financial reviews for all internal stakeholders.

  • Initiated and defended decision to close down a failing entity within the portfolio. 

  • Led annual financial audits and tax returns, 63 times during my tenure. 

  • Prepared two of the entities for sale during 2016. 

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