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Devising comprehensive development plans that bypass industry growth averages.

Growing Revenue




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Growing revenue for a government contractor presents a unique set of challenges.

Contracts are typically released for an open market competition with clear evaluation factors. After corporate experience and technical approach are evaluated, it can often become a race to the bottom.

This leads to ever evolving corporate and business development strategies. Teaming and recruiting are core to the development plan.

Successes in this environment included:
- Revenue growth of 410% and a $500-million backlog, during three years.
- Identified emerging trends, managed road maps, developed and edited materials for specific markets and customers, teaming partners, and potential employees.
- $600-million proposal backlog, within four months, by connecting with large business teaming partners.
- Assisted business development/sales by providing knowledge, pricing and marketing collateral appropriate to their customer and teaming partner.
- Developed winning proposal theme strategies and associated content.
- Budgeted, planned, and staffed over 20 domestic and international trade shows annually.
- Evolved unknown, dated brand into highly recognized, innovative leader within the industry.

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Bolstered launch of luxury real estate office selling homes averaging $2.5 million. Directed PR efforts, created and executed strategic marketing plans, coordinated strategy and staff for trade shows/conferences, and developed copy and layout for ads and high-end home brochures. Flourished in marketing a product that everyone wants, yet few can afford.

Key achievements include:
- Increased gross annual revenue from $16 million to nearly $130 million in 3 years, by developing and implementing comprehensive go to market plans for each property.
- Multi-million dollar marketing budget, developed competent and astute marketing team, ensured all product specific marketing materials exhibited the customer’s needs and voice.
- Identified and successfully launched into new market, resulting in unparalleled growth and market penetration.
- Led execution of new organization, recruitment of forty agents and support staff, and all resulting performance management measures. Despite challenging economic environment, office was profitable within six months.
- Produced all annual and property marketing plan, recruited sales agents, communicated with outside brokers, and created resulting marketing materials.



Launched Colorado’s first online Multiple Listing Service, essentially one of the first SaaS platforms in Colorado. Worked closely with R&D to ensure the customer’s voice and needs were integrated into the end product.
- Developed and delivered insightful presentations for a technology that was truly revolutionary for the industry.
- Identified new audiences and segments for the product, leading to three new vertical markets.
- Strategically sought out and secured $3 million in venture capital funding.

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Launched an internationally well-known product line, in the United States. Collaborated with R&D to modify products for U.S. market. Subsequently grew product distribution coast-to-coast in the largest OEMs and distributors including Ideal Industries and Grainger. Ultimately removed two products within the line that did not align with brand.
- Rebranded product line, including each of the six product offerings, to meet US customer needs and expectations.
- Launched national advertising campaign, leading to new relationships with channel partners.
- Managed every aspect of the product line including sales, marketing, distribution, import and export.
- Implemented strategic marketing plan introducing the product line within the Caribbean islands and throughout Latin America. Boosted market share within Europe.
- Identified, budgeted, planned, and staffed domestic and international trade shows.

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Larimer County is home to 400 not-for-profit organizations, each with their own unique value proposition. Development strategies have to be viewed at in a different light, to ensure your cause stands apart from the others.

That's where I assist.

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