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Post-acquisition Integration 

  • Collaborated across a diverse group of leaders within the newly acquired organization, often with contrasting priorities, developing strategic plans. Proactive alignment of numerous strategic initiatives from finance, operations, human resources, contract management, business development and new acquirer into one cohesive plan, modeling best practices. 

  • Authored plan, consciously documenting each tactical step to achieve the larger strategic objectives. 

  • Established tribal holding company and 10 subsidiaries, within 2 months.

  • Generated shared services agreements between the holding company and subsidiaries, ensuring compliance with all SBA, CFR and FAR regulations. Composed messaging for proposals regarding use of target's past performance and corporate experience, avoiding affiliation. 

  • Created Professional Employer Organization to support the tribal holding company and allow for vertical sharing of employees, without violating Small Business Administration regulations. 

  • Developed templates for all subsequent contractual needs including teaming agreements, NDAs, subcontracts, consulting agreements, etc.

  • Initiated crucial conversations with DSS to ensure that security clearances would remain in-tact or transfer, post-acquisition.

  • Transitioned risk management processes and structure to the holding company level, including worker's compensation insurance, general liability, commercial coverage, safety programs, etc. 

  • Ensured medical and other employee benefit programs transferred to the holding company level and were able to be utilized by all subsidiaries. 


  • Implemented processes for the start up of a new subsidiary. Recorded and documented all steps necessary for corporate governance, accounting system set up, bank accounts, payroll systems, documents/templates, federal contracting databases, etc.

  • Galvanized development plans for each subsidiary including SBA certification strategies (8(a), HUBZone, Mentor-Protege, etc.), focused industries/lines of business, etc. Guided and then solidified teaming agreements for each subsidiary with the appropriate federal contractor.   

  • Forged strategic plan to "qual up" each subsidiary, ensuring capacity to compete leading to revenue and contract growth. 

  • Developed business development strategy roadmaps, annual performance and project planning, and assessment metrics for each of the subsidiaries. Resulted in a $600-million proposal backlog, with 4 of the nation's largest federal contractors, in 3 months.

  • Set individual human resource and human capital strategies, including staffing requirements as well as diversity and training programs, for each of the subsidiaries.

  • Designed flexible 401(k) plan resulting in unique benefit structure for the employees and the capacity to remain price competitive in a margin-thin industry. 

  • Navigated difficult discussions with the finance department to establish indirect rate pools for each subsidiary.

  • Visualized and manifested branding, messaging and marketing strategy for each subsidiary.

  • Formulated M&A pipeline, growth recommendations, and internal evaluation processes for the executive team. Opportunities selected for strategy, technical, management, or market positioning.

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