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Diving into the data to create succinct and powerful stories. Ultimately driving change - resulting in high-growth.

In some organizations, Finance is the department that you politely smile at in the hallway at work and think, "Please don't ask me any questions about my budget...please...don't....DAMN IT. Hi Connie, how are you?"

My perspective is much different. Finance should be your active and strategic team partner. During kickball we come running out of the trees yelling, "I got this" and catch the ball. Not the jerk on second base who after catching the ball, bonks you on the head with it.

And it should be done in a way that is easily understandable for everyone in the company. Not everyone went to business school. Not everyone dives into data with complete glee. (Consider me guilty of the latter.)

With regard to my experiences here are a few:


- Timely financial reporting including monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
- Developed, analyzed and maintained budgets and cash flow projections for multiple properties and entities.
- Consolidated 26 projects into one departmental budget. Created tracking mechanisms that generated alerts when budgets were out of alignment or scope.
- Prepared short-term and long-range plans based on organizational goals and growth objectives.
- Identified cost control measures to ensure objectives were attainable.
- Managed short and long-term financial planning, evaluated risks and identified potential pivot points. Prepared internal and external analytical reports.
- Led accounting team developing project status and pro-forma reports.
- Partnered with CEO and CFO developing annual financial/feasibility plans, implementing and managing budgets and cash flow forecasting.
- Directed corporate auditors in annual audit and compliance activities, ensuring all legal and contractual requirements were kept.
- Recovered $90,000+ in over payments for employee insurance and $150,000+ in outsourced HR service fees, hiring staff, and transitioned HR functions in-house.

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