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Engaged to develop a to-go-market strategy for the acquisition of a federal contracting client. Positioning this company, with declining revenues and expiring contracts as an attractive target, was going to be a significant challenge. 

I teamed with the CEO/owner to set priorities, timelines, focus resources, strengthen operations, and establish common goals. I led the entire strategic planning process, which resulted in:

  • Identification of strategic market segment positioned to overcome organizational hurdles.

  • Ultimately determined that tribally owned organizations were the ideal segment to approach. However, many of the tribes with the necessary financial capabilities, were already operating and growing within that space. The company's declining contract revenue would not be attractive to them. 

    • Key to the success of the strategic plan was clear communication as to the immense pool of federal contracting opportunities available to tribally owned entities, not currently operating in the market.

  • Creation of a robust list of potential acquirers, investment bankers, attorneys and consultants. Ensured that only entities meeting stringent criteria were approached.

  • Concurrent development of financial forecasts, pipelines and waterfalls, illustrating $30-billion in potential prime contractor bids, only accessible under tribal ownership.

    • Additionally uncovering $750-million in additional teaming and joint venture opportunities. Prepared analytical and competitive analysis on each opportunity.

  • Preparation of message and content of the CIM, highlighting the potential of the organization while carefully disclosing the declining revenue and expiring contracts, in a way as not to cause excessive concern. 

  • Ultimately resulted in numerous viable offers, each above seller’s target sales price.

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