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Influencing growth and change for non-profits


Utilizing my passion for advancing organizations, I spend much of my spare time working with non-profits throughout Colorado. Creating comprehensive marketing plans, financial sustainability platforms and operational efficiency reviews - keeping in mind they have limited resources. Often, my husband and I step in to help execute those plans. Oh, and fostering homeless pups. (That one is my favorite.)

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The mission of the Colorado State University Alumni Association (CSUAA) is to advance the
University by developing and strengthening lifelong relationships between alumni and the
University community, by benefiting current and future alumni and friends, and by serving as a catalyst for communications and involvement.

Responsibilities as a CSU AA Board Member include:
•Represent the voice of Colorado State alumni.
•Provide the University and the Alumni Association with distinguished volunteer leadership, advocacy, and advice.
•Conduct its work through standing and task committees.
•Support the University's strategic plan through the execution of the Alumni Association's strategic plan.

As a proud Lifetime Alumni Association Member, I enjoy engaging with fellow Rams who travel far and wide, improving the foundations of their communities. We are leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, parents, educators and philanthropists.

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Animal House Rescue & Grooming specializes in second chances. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Animal House aims to decrease the euthanasia rate of adoptable dogs by:
·Collaborating with overpopulated and under-served shelters.
·Providing the community with education, information and outreach.
·Providing adoption opportunities for homeless animals and giving them what they need most, time to find their forever homes.

As a member of the Animal House Board of Directors, I passionately believed in the organization’s mission. I committed my personal time and resources to executing the mission every day.

Was actively engaged in finding the organization a new location/property while leading several marketing projects.

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Mentor students from the College of Business and throughout the CSU entrepreneurial community who participate in the Venture Accelerator Program, as well as the Collegiate Challenge.

The Venture Accelerator Program provides hands-on entrepreneurship training, advising, and mentoring for student-run ventures. Select entrepreneurs are coached for nine months on developing a viable idea and better positioning it for a successful launch.

The mission of the Venture Accelerator program is to educate students and to introduce them to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and provide connections to resources, events, and funding opportunities with the ultimate goal of creating revenue-generating, investment-ready ventures.

I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there's purpose and worth to each and every life.

Ronald Reagan

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