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My Skills & Experience


Trusted adviser to CEOs and CFOs, facilitating acquisitions and mergers. From investment banker selection to post-transaction transition, lead every aspect of the sale. Provide thought leadership during times of uncertainty, under tremendous time pressure, with multiple facts at play, to ensure the executives have all of the data necessary to make comprehensive decisions for the business.

Financial Due Diligence Leadership:
- Conduct extensive market research to identify key targets, then work with investment bank team to create go-to-market strategies for each segment.
- Prepare financial statements, budgets, analysis, and ad hoc reports, including sensitivity analyses.
- Develop and implement new finance and accounting policies and procedures, based off audit findings.
- Establish financial planning and modeling for post-acquisition operations.
- Foster relationships with external team of client groups including attorneys, CPAs, ERISA and DOL experts, investment and financial bankers, and teaming partners to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed.

Business Due Diligence Leadership:
- Produce all sales materials including deal sheets. Led management presentations.
- Negotiate engagement terms.
- Lead and participate in people development and business business development efforts.
- Coach seller’s executive team so they are prepared to participate in management presentations.

Lead and implement additional strategic initiatives including revenue growth, financial planning and analysis, resource allocation, identification of processes to improve operational efficiencies and executive talent augmentation. Financial liaison to internal teams including legal and public affairs, information technology, marketing and human resources.


Merger and Acquisition Consulting


Leadership and Oversight


Financial Analysis: Analyzed sources of revenue, including current contracts and joint venture income, then synthesized the data in to high-level presentations as well as in-depth contract briefs. Developed full financial models (projections and waterfalls) and resulting returns, based off of several different acquisition scenarios and debt assumptions. Presented and defended models during management presentations.
- Calculated accurate contract backlog. Worked with accounting team to ensure financial software was correctly updated.
- Created sensitivity analysis for indirect rate changes and their impact on revenue.

Revenue projections and pipeline development
- Developed a comprehensive pipeline, along with teaming partners, probability of win, and subsequent revenue.
- Identified several additional growth drivers as well new vertical industries and opportunities.


Conducted extensive market research to identify key targets, then worked with investment bank team to create go-to-market strategies for each segment.
- Example: Mid-sized business was struggling with the squeeze that occurs in government contracting. Identified a market segment that would be able to overcome those hurdles and created a robust list of potential acquirers, as well as industry attorneys and consultants. Then the investment bankers started dialing for dollars. Resulted in three viable offers within 60 days, in a low-margin, stagnant M&A sector.


Facilitated the process from inception to the final merger and into post-transaction transition, with twenty-six different investment bankers, CPAs, attorneys, and consultants. Included all financial preparation and analysis, including sensitivity analysis and synergy calculations. Coached seller’s executive team so they were prepared to participate in management presentations.
- Huddled in the trenches for several weeks, while onsite, answering CPA firm’s questions and concerns regarding accounting policies and procedures, contract management, financial audits, line of credit covenants, tax returns, and which sandwich to order from Jason’s Deli (FYI – when you are in the midst of a twelve-hour day, you always order the salmon sandwich, side of fruit.)
- Same as above with ERISA attorneys, 401k attorneys, human resources consultants, etc.
- Example: ERISA attorneys identified several areas of concern regarding the buyer’s exposure due to issues with I-9s and several other areas of compliance. Worked closely with HR to develop a plan to mitigate those issues before closing. Followed up with HR and once the plan was complete, reported back to the buyers. Created a streamlined follow up procedure for team, reducing frustration and eliminating those areas of risk for the buyer.
- Detailed analysis of each GL account transaction over the previous three years, including all indirect rate pools, AR write offs, AP aging, audit adjustments, and accruals.
- Ensured that the exact calculation of EBITDA, as agreed upon by both sides, was included in the Stock Purchase Agreement. EBITDA had its own schedule as part of the SPA. Worked with internal accounting department to ensure they understood the calculation and when it had to be provided to the buyer each year.
- Worked with accounting staff to ensure that all required government filings were complete such as sales and use tax, General Services Administration small business subcontracting reports, and Service Contract Act reporting on
- Led due diligence on the buyer including complete review, analysis and inquiries into the financial statements and credit capacity.
- Stepped in on numerous occasions to ensure that the team was communicating correctly and effectively. During times of tension and chaos, this was particularly important.

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